Product Data Sheets

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    ALS-7025 Data Sheet 2012-0523.pdf

    The ALS-7025 is a very wideband (700-2500 MHz), directional antenna ideal for multiple, simultaneous cellular and data service. An ideal antenna solution for Fixed-Mobile Convergence. It is circularly polarized with an exceptionally clean pattern and extremely low axial ratio. This design is available in other frequency ranges and configurations. It is also an ideal laboratory test antenna. (Protected by US and International Patents. Licenses available.)
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    MFD-2747 Data Sheet 2012-0521.pdf

    This omnidirectional antenna is a patented AntennaSys design which allows a highly efficient match over a very wide band of frequencies (270-470 MHz). Applications such as surveillance, communications and jamming require transmission and reception at widely different frequencies. Battery-operated transceivers in the field demand high efficiencies to prolong their life; narrowband antennas must sacrifice either the receiver or transmitter performance which lowers efficiency. This antenna was designed to provide the excellent performance required by the receiver (for maximum sensitivity) and the transmitter (for highest efficiency). The mechanical design of the antenna insures long life in the harshest environments. (Protected by US and International Patents. Licenses available.)