Antenna design, integration and consulting.

Your wireless link is only as good as its antennas.

Our Mission:

To provide antenna solutions and consulting services that result in improved profitability for our clients.

To partner with our clients by inventing solutions to their unique antenna-related problems. 

To support our clients' production of wireless devices with embedded antenna designs which are manufactured by our clients, when possible. 

To eliminate the need for our clients to become antenna experts, so our clients can focus on their core business.

To contribute to the national security through our technical expertise.


Company Profile:

AntennaSys was established in 2000 for the purpose of custom antenna design services, providing RF consulting services, and specialized antenna manufacturing to companies and government entities requiring unique antenna solutions.  We also develop, sell, and license intellectual property.  AntennaSys is a privately held New Hampshire corporation.

AntennaSys provides training for wireless product designers, RF communications professionals and advanced end-users.  We have trained groups from the U.S. government, law-enforcement, consumer product development and scientific research communities.  Our training course, Antennas for Tactical Operators, is well known in the U.S. Military.



The president and principal engineer of AntennaSys, Spencer Webb, has designed antennas for many diverse applications for over twenty years.  Mr. Webb is an antenna consultant for numerous companies incorporating embedded antennas in their products.  A more detailed bio is here.



AntennaSys has in-house test and measurement equipment covering frequencies from DC through 20 GHz.  We partner with a dedicated 500-foot antenna test and measurement facility for detailed antenna characterization to beyond 100 GHz.  All our number crunching is done on computers from BOXX Technology, with GPUs from nVidia, which means fast, reliable results.


AntennaSys uses CST Microwave Studio for 3D electromagnetic modeling enabling the design and optimization of our antennas.  RF circuit design, both passive and active, is simulated and optimized using Agilent GENESYS software.


Machine Shop

AntennaSys works with a CNC machine shop called Kinetic Precision for prototyping and specialized low-volume manufacturing.  The shop features a SHARP SV-2412S CNC vertical machining center and a Haas TL-1 CNC toolroom lathe. We use SolidWorks and Fusion 360 for all our mechanical design and CAM.


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AntennaSys is closed on Federal Holidays.