Embedded Antenna Design

"Our new DynoWidget 2000 uses Bluetooth technology and needs a sleek look with no antennas protruding. We followed the radio chip manufacturer's data sheet exactly, and the performance is awful.  What are we doing wrong?" 

If you are designing a new wireless product, and want to integrate the antenna into the design, AntennaSys can help.  It is difficult to achieve optimum performance from an application note.  We can take your product's 3D design data (we use SolidWorks, CST Microwave Studio and Agilent Genesys) and design an optimized embedded antenna, simulate it in situ and accurately predict performance.

Specialty Antenna Design and Manufacturing

"We've looked at all the off-the-shelf solutions, and nobody makes what we need."  

You need a custom solution from AntennaSys.  Call to discuss your requirements.  We can conceive it, design it, build it, test it and deliver it.

Antenna Evaluation

 "We've been using this antenna for a year, and customers have complained about our system's performance."  

Is it your antenna, or another part of your system?  AntennaSys can help sort it out.  We work with a calibrated 500-foot antenna range and can make independent, traceable measurements.

Wireless Product Development

"Our wireless product concept needs to be designed and built, and we don't know where to start."  

AntennaSys maintains relationships with other consultants and companies in the areas of RF hardware design, software development, mechanical engineering, avionics, and other engineering disciplines.  We can help you get your product off the ground.  We can even manufacture it for you.


 Electrical and Mechanical Prototyping for RF

"We require prototypes of key passive RF components, but need a machine shop that understands RF and can tweak our design through RF measurements."  

AntennaSys maintains a well-equipped CNC machine shop (Including SHARP VMC 2412S and Haas TL-1) for our prototyping and production requirements.  We can prototype and help develop your RF components, too.  We've worked in fiberglass, acetyl resin, nylon, polycarbonate, Ultem, stainless steel, carbon steel, brass, and aluminum.  Epoxies, urethanes, acrylic adhesives and TIG welding help hold it all together.  McMaster-Carr, Yarde Metals, UPS and FedEx help us make it all happen fast.


 Licensing of Intellectual Property

"We are a manufacturer and wish to make and sell one of your designs."  

AntennaSys owns a portfolio of IP including designs, trade secrets and patents.  We can license our IP to qualified businesses.  We can also invent on demand.  We love a challenge.