This is a compilation of mentions of AntennaSys in the News.  Please keep in mind that the blog on this website and audio or video interviews are the only truly accurate representations of that which should be attributed to AntennaSys.

24-JUN-2010, "Apple iPhone 4 Antenna Problems Confirmed via Tests"

25-JUN-2010  Wall Street Journal Blogs, Digits, "The Vulcan iPhone Pinch: The Right Way to Hold Your Phone"

25-JUN-2010, "iPhone 4 antenna woes contextualized by dude in the know"

28-JUN-2010  Wall Street Journal Blogs, Digits, "The 'Black Art of Antenna Design"

2-JUL-2010  CNET News, "Poking holes in Apple's iPhone 4 antenna explanation"

2-JUL-2010  USA Today, "Apple 'surprised' by iPhone 4 reception"

3-JUL-2010  Wall Street Journal Blogs, Digits, "Apple Will Fix iPhone Glitch"   (*link broken*)

3-JUL-2010  this WEEK in TECH, episode 255,  "You're Holding It Wrong" 

5-JUL-2010 Your Mac Life, Interview, Audio (MP3 file), also available on iTunes  (*audio missing*)

16-JUL-2010 Network World - Antenna guru: 'Get a bumper and learn the Vulcan iPhone Pinch'  (*link broken*)

20-JUL-2010 We Have Communicators Episode 94: Putting The Antenna Problems To Bed  (*link broken*)

22-JUL-2010 IEEE This Week In Technology Podcast

12-AUG-2010 Technology Review, Dual Antennas Would Boost Cell-Phone Signals

19-JUN-2013 Eagle Tribune, WHS physics project lands in the Atlantic